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2 MayThe Underground, BradfordCANCELLED
3 MayThe Grove, Byker, NewcastleCANCELLED
10 May Forum, Tunbridge WellsTickets
12 Jul229, LondonTickets
1 AugEndorset festival, DorsetTickets
23 AugLost 80s Live, Humpreys Concerts By The Bay, San Diego, CATickets
24 AugLost 80s Live, Peacock Theater, Los Angeles, CATickets
25 AugLost 80s Live, City National Grove of Anaheim, CATickets
30 AugLost 80s Live, Vina Robles, Paso Robles, CA Tickets
1 SepLost 80s Live Rewind, Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Lincoln, CATickets
6 SepMercury Lounge, New York CityTickets
7 SepMercury Lounge, New York CityTickets


Update from the States

The band are now nearing the end of the massive Lost 80s Live tour around the USA. They have been keeping everyone up to date via their regular social media posts. As they near the end of the tour, we asked each of them for some thoughts on the tour so far. Here’s their thoughts…

Fun in the sun!

Steve: ‘Dave pleased to discover Stella available everywhere. Me too. Made lots of friends on this tour – particularly The Escape Club and The Motels. Provo Utah is a very dull place. Surprising amount of kids/teenagers at the shows. I really like playing outside when it’s not like Guildford (note the rainy ‘Always The Sun’ festival gig). There’s a hell of a lot of burger joints. Texas is 3 times the size of the UK. Some days we drive for more hours than minutes we play. We have played to the 3 biggest audiences we ever have. Casino food is unbelievable – about 10 different counters in a line with food from all corners of the globe. Michael looked like a kid on Christmas morning’.

Dave: ‘The USA is big. You can fly or drive for hours and still be in the same State. Some highways are 6 lanes in each direction so crossing them is a dangerous sport. Food portions hang over the edge of the plate. Some venues on the tour hold 10,000 people. They are just vast. The Rockies go on forever and so could I. It’s all so BIG here’.

Michael: ‘Awesome venues!! I was thinking about running a ‘Michael Bowes Food Review’ as I go from State to State, but here’s a quick summary… Cracker Barrel served me a ‘to die for’ fried chicken and dumplings, so very delicious. Then the competition started when we visited an ‘off the beaten track’ restaurant up in the mountains between Denver & Salt Lake City, where we had the absolute best mash potato and gravy ever!! Then came the dilemma around WHATABURGER & In and Out Burger, but I think the general consensus was that In and Out Burger won on having the tastiest beef burgers and WHATABURGER won on having the tastiest and most delicious Chicken WHATABURGER! Still got a few more to check out and can’t wait!! Some of the Casino’s food has been superb! Absolutely loving this whole tour, the adventure and the excitement. The venues are all awesome, whether indoors or outdoors & loving mingling with the other bands & artists. Loving California and the heat!! Max temp experienced here in the USA so far has been 106 degrees! Yay!! 🙂 Peace x’

Thanks to the band for taking time out of their hectic schedule. Sounds like they’ve been having a great time! Enjoy the last few gigs guys and see you this side of the Atlantic soon…

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