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Fan Focus – Bobby Weiss

On the opposite side of the Atlantic, many fans Stateside were growing up with the music of The Vapors. Like many of us, Bobby Weiss was too young to see them first time round growing up in New York and had to wait many years to finally get to see them live. Imagine then, the buzz he had when his own band blagged a support slot for a Mercury Lounge show in 2018! Ladies & gentlemen, over to Bobby…


Bobby Weiss.

Date of birth/Age?

27th April, 1969, 51 years old. 


Woodstock, NY, although born in NYC. 

Current home?


How did you hear of The Vapors first?

I first heard Turning Japanese on the radio and loved it. Sometime later I was talking to my friend Alice and the song/band came up. She told me that she had bought the album because she liked the song, but wasn’t really into the rest of the record for some reason, and asked if I wanted it. I of course said yes! That was a life-changing moment because not only did I love the whole album, but it and the band became instant favorites and have remained there throughout my life. Not only that, but it is the record that made me want to start my own band, and I’ve been playing, writing, and performing ever since. 

When did you first see them live?

Sadly, I never got to see them when they were first around. I was 11 when NCD came out. The first time I saw them was at the triumphant Mercury Lounge shows, where not only did my son Jack and I attend all three, but my band Pajamazon had the honor of opening night #2. Talk about coming full circle!

New Clear Days or Magnets?

That’s an easy one. Both. (Sorry but that’s cheating Bobby!!)

When Bobby met Dave…

Favourite Vapors track?

Ok, this one is almost impossible to answer. I even just went and took a look at all of the titles and between the songs on the first two records and the B sides, I can’t even narrow it down to less than a full album’s worth. I just can’t do it. 

Best time you’ve seen them?

Well, all three shows at Mercury Lounge were amazing, and Jack and I also were able to attend the anniversary convention in Portmeirion which was incredible, as well as the Lost 80’s show in Brooklyn last summer. They’re such a solid and consistent band that I’d have to say performance-wise, they were ALL “the best times I’ve seen them.” However, there are personal, emotional aspects to some, like the very first time I finally saw them live on night one in NY, night two when my band opened, and then in Portmeirion where my son and I got to see them along with a crowd of original UK Vapors fans, many of whom have become close friends. 

Best Vapors moment/memory?

My own journey with this band has been an unbelievable experience, with so many great moments and events. If I had to pick just one moment so far that was extra special to me, it would be night three at Mercury Lounge. Jack and I were hanging out downstairs in the dressing room, and Dave and Steve came in, got out their guitars and began to play “Somehow,” just unplugged, to warm up. Watching these legends get ready to go do their thing was pretty awesome. I didn’t want to disturb them, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity and started quietly singing along. After spending my youth standing in my room singing along to the record, pretending I was on stage with them, that was an incredible feeling. Private and special. 

Aftershow in Portmeirion

Hopes for the future of the band?

My hope is I’m sure the same as any other member of the Vapors Family: that the band enjoys much well-deserved success with the new album, that they continue to tour and are able to visit every part of the globe where fans are waiting to see them perform, and of course more records! Plus, how about some memoirs? We have Mike Philpott’s great book, now I’d love to hear accounts by the band members themselves. In fact, that gives me a great idea that may or may not have already been thought of. Mike, who has proven himself a very talented writer, should do extensive interviews with the band members and write the definitive, official biography. There you go, Mike. Get on it. Oh, and I also desperately need a zipper hoodie and baseball and winter hats! Lol (I know you’re working on that, Branka)

Other favourite bands?

The Ramones, The Plimsouls, The Beatles, The Clash, Paul Collins’ Beat, Mickey Leigh, etc. I could mention all the metal bands I love but maybe that’s a subject for a different page. Lol 

Thanks to Bobby for answering our questions.

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